Our other services

As Coffee’n Cream offers a wide range of services for both Ireland and Northern Ireland, we have several websites that you could check for more details about everything we have to offer:

  • our male and female strippers from Northern Ireland are mainly showcasted on irelandstrippers.com,
  • our male and female strippers that activate all over Ireland are presented on irelandstrippers.ie,
  • our life drawing classes and all our naked services that are available in Northern Ireland appear on nakeddrawing.co.uk,
  • our life drawing events and classes together with our naked services from Ireland are summarised on lifedrawingclasses.ie,
  • our topless butlers and maid service that we provide in Northern Ireland is discussed on toplessbuffbutlers.com,
  • our topless butlers and maid service that Coffee’n Cream has all over Ireland is presented on toplessbuffbutlers.ie,
  • and our party bus services for Northern Ireland are emphasised on stripperpartybus.com.

For any of these options our contact details are the same. Either call, text or contact us on WhatsApp on 07756765622 or email us on coffeenstrippers@gmail.com.

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