Hire a male or female stripper

For a great experience in our party buses, we suggest you choose one of our male strippers or female strippers that are available anywhere in your area in Ireland! This way, your group will have the time of their life!

Our performers are not only great at taking their clothes off, they also know how to dance, seduce and EXCITE your party!

The full experience that Coffee’n Cream’s staff will provide is better than a strip club because our dancers are 100%  devoted to you! You’ll get 10x the attention and have 20x more fun than you would at any club.

Also, you can choose from our offer of strippers the one that you like and we will do our best to get him/her for you! After you have paid the minimum deposit on your party bus, we will provide you an updated and confidential list of female and male strippers to choose from!


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